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Preparing your home for painting

We have compiled a handy guide on how to prepare your home prior to painting by the C&C Painting Group Team. This guide includes information about the necessary preparations you may need to make both inside and outside of your home. It also provides information on what not-to-do, as well as outlines some of the preparation undertaken by C&C Painting Group to ensure you receive the best quality service and lasting results!

Interior Painting

As part of the interior repaint preparation process, C&C Painting Group undertake a sand of all pre-painted surfaces which assists with bonding as well as cleaning the surface. We therefore ask that sugar soap or other cleaning products are not used on surfaces prior to our commencement as it is not necessary and may cause a reaction with the paint if it is not thoroughly washed off the walls. We also ask that all clients undertake a general de-clutter and that all breakable items are removed in the areas where work is to be undertaken. Where possible, we also ask that heavy furniture is moved into the centre of the room and away from the walls where the work will be performed; however where this is not possible we will do our best to remove and return furniture back into its correct place. C&C Painting Group will cover all necessary furniture and furnishings to ensure it is protected.

Exterior Painting

For exterior painting we also ask that a general declutter is undertaken around the perimeter surfaces where the work is to be undertaken. We also ask that any bushes that are intruding on or near surfaces that are to be painted be cut back where possible to ensure our team are able to fully access all required surfaces. C&C Painting Group will also cover all footpaths and other exterior surfaces to ensure they are protected.

Other Considerations

If you are out of town or unable to be present each morning at the time of painting, you may wish to leave a key for our staff to gain access to the property. All of our staff have been police checked and have Working with Vulnerable People cards, and are regularly trusted to undertake work throughout peoples homes without them present. Where you are unable to be present, our staff will ensure your home is fully secured upon exiting each day.

If you have any specific parking restrictions or requests, please advise our team prior to commencement so that we can ensure the instructions are passed onto our staff members. We will do our best to ensure the least amount of inconvenience to yourself and your neighbours as much as possible.

If you have any pets that require securing, please do so before we arrive and advise us prior to or upon our commencement. C&C Painting Group specialise in a range of areas including residential repaints and as such, are trained to work with our clients based on their individual circumstances. This includes being aware of all of the aspects of each job and working with our clients individual needs to ensure we deliver the best service and experience possible.